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Hey everyone, exciting news: I’m looking for a new job! Read on to learn more about me and what I hope to find.

In my two most recent roles, I directly managed the core engineering and Dev/Ops teams and reported to the CTO. I have a bias to action and growth mindset, and work well with leadership that shares these traits. The teams I’ve managed over the past three years have been remote and extremely senior.  For the past five years I’ve also advocated for, mentored, and sponsored early-career and underrepresented folks in tech through a variety of formal and informal initiatives and non-profits. Since 2015 I’ve given over two dozen talks and keynotes to technical and engineering leadership audiences.

I’m looking for a senior engineering management position where I can continue to build high-performing, inclusive teams founded in trust, transparent processes, and creative freedom and ownership. I excel at motivating engineers, increasing alignment, leading difficult conversations, and improving communication and collaboration. My goal is to enable, empower, and inspire developers to do some of the best work of their lives.

If you’re my direct report, you can expect me to bring joy, courage, and safety to our interactions. I’ll listen carefully and take what you have to say seriously. I’ll help you set goals and meet them, and then I’ll celebrate your wins with gusto—or quietly, if that’s more your style. And when we do incident reviews, I’ll create a space where your voice isn’t marginalized and you’re not afraid to share.

I’m excited to get to know your tech stack and tooling, even if it’s new to me. As a docs-taught career changer who went from Python and JavaScript to Kubernetes and Kafka, I’m up for a challenge. I even served as technical editor of a Python textbook! That said, I’ve never aspired to be the cleverest engineer in the room: as a developer, I have a growth mindset and am happy writing readable code, reliable tests, and doing thorough code reviews. Where I really shine is as a people manager, partnering with top engineers to make sound technical and architectural decisions.

I’ve been leading remote teams (across four time zones) for over three years and plan to stay remote, based in Nashville Tennessee. If your team is remote or is transitioning to remote and could benefit from a remote-first senior leader, let me know.

Sound like a fit? Awesome! Please check out my LinkedIn and send me a message. While you’re there, please read my Recommendations, as many are from former direct reports who offered to write about me.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe and healthy.

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